Broadway Market


Get away from the touristy Borough Market and head to the Broadway Market. It’s currently my favourite market in London. Why you ask?

  1. ALL the food stalls are mouth-watering.
  2. The coffee stands know how to make a decent flat white.
  3. Fewer people.
  4. It’s not just food. There are vinyl, jewellery, clothing, art + more stalls.
  5. The street is lined with cafes and restaurants if you fancy some people watching.
  6. Located next to Regent’s Canal, means it is perfect for cyclists. ( Take the opportunity to use the Santander bikes.)
  7. Puppy love!¬†Perfect place for dog watching…and wanting.
  8. Great buskers. Drink your flat white with the sound of some sweet tunes in the background.


Market Hours: Saturdays between 9am – 5pm

Broadway Market
E8 4QJ