Columbia Road Flower Market

Columbia Flower

With some minimal signs of Summer on its way, I thought I would head to the Columbia Road Flower Market in search of some herb plants.

I arrived at 10:30am and the street was bustling. Everyone was packed in like sardines trying to view the vibrant array of flowers.

I managed to pick up some basil, mint and rosemary for £5 but I wasn’t going to stop there. How could I leave the market with out picking my own bouquet? There was so much variety, I wanted to buy them all! I restrained though and just got some peonies, parrot tulips and white delphiniums for £10.

The smell of my lounge is simply delicious now.

Even if you’re not into buying flowers, it is a visually stunning market.


Market Hours: Sundays from 8am – 2pm

Columbia Road Flower Market
E2 7RG