Dalston Roof Park

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Yay it’s finally getting warmer in London (I class anything over 18° in London warm these days). But now that the sun is out, I wanted to find a good spot in the sun and have a few ciders.

So I decided to met up with my friend Dani at the Dalston Roof Park and have a Sunday Session. (We were originally meant to be meeting at the Eastern Curve Garden but with some sort of misunderstanding, Dani was waiting at the Dalston Roof Park with her two beers. It was fate really.)

I paid a £3 entry and headed up the three flights of stairs to reach the rooftop… shit I really need to do more exercise. As I opened the door, I was greeted with the softest astroturf, colourful bean bags and cider on tap. With a DJ playing some sweet tunes in the background, we were set.

So some how things escalated very fast and I ended being a bit drunk and forgot to take any good photos (you know, ones that are actually in focus and show important things.)

The important fact is that it’s cool and you should go.


Tip: I would recommend bringing cash though as there is a £10 minimum for card.

Entry Fee:
£3 entry or pay £12 for a season pass.


Dalston Roof Park
18 Ashwin Street
E8 3DL