Dublin: The Guinness Moustache Club

dublin.seekeatrepeat.com.jpgThe Guinness Moustache Club Guidelines:

One must love beer
One must love stout
One must love Guinness
One must love proper Irish Guinness in Ireland

To truly experience the culture of Dublin, walk through the cobblestone streets towards a pub full of locals and soak up the vibrant atmosphere. Full of cheery accents and friendly faces, Dublin is sure to make you smile (and slightly drunk).

H A N D Y    D A N D Y   I N F O

Currency: Euro

Before heading to Dublin people told me that it was expeeeensive but so is London, Paris and Copenhagen right? If you are thinking of visiting Dublin, 2-3 nights should suffice without breaking the bank.

Pint: approx. €5
Irish Coffee: approx. €7
Dinner: approx. €15 – €20

Transport: You know those things at the bottom of your legs, yeah use them! The best way to fully immerse yourself is by foot.

Bus it from the airport. The Airlink 747 bus is a cost-effective way to reach the city centre  at only €6 one way or €10 return.

With three of us travelling together it becomes a bit awkward finding accommodation that ticks all the boxes….central location, budget friendly, quiet and clean. As we were travelling around Christmas, AirBnB didn’t offer enough options this time round.

We ended up staying at the Generator Hostel (North Side) for £80 per night (triple room with private bathroom) through Booking.com.

Clean, quiet and modern bedrooms
Funky nice communal area that includes a bar + pool tables
Central location – Overlooks Smithfield Square

No communal kitchen – bringing you own food into the hostel is also prohibited 🙁



Free Walking Tour 
Hands down, this was the highlight of my trip. Not knowing any Irish history, I was a total sponge.

Our guides (Peter and his brother Dave) are Irish/Kiwi, so already they had my seal of approval being from New Zealand. They gave a great insight to The Easter Uprising, minus the mundane routine you sometimes get from over-seasoned tour guides. They kept everybody hooked with their vast knowledge and charismatic personalities, so much so that I went to all three tours!

It is called a FREE walking tour and they are very humble about tipping but for the quality of the tour I suggest you do tip. We tipped about €5 each person.

South Side (11am – 7 days a week)
General Post Office
Ha’Penny Bridge
Trinity College
Temple Bar
Dublin Castle
Christ Church Cathedral
St Patrick’s Cathedral

North Side (3pm– 7 days a week)
Parnell Monument
Garden of Remembrance
Slums of Dublin
The O’Rahilly


Whisky & Beer Tour (6pm / €12– 7 days a week)

So the guys that do the Free Walking Tour also do a Whisky and Beer Tour too. Below are the events of the evening from what I remember.

We started at a microbrewery called The Black Sheep. As part of the price we were given three tasters of different local beer. We had a bit of time to spare and had a chance to buy a pint of beer off their extensive beer list.

The second stop was where we had our two tasters of Teelings Whiskey. My palette hasn’t quite matured for whisky yet and usually the smell alone is enough to make me gag. But hey! I was in Ireland so I had to give it a try. The verdict…not too bad.

As well as the two whisky tasters, we were given a complimentary pint of Guinness and 10% off our meal.

The tour ended with traditional Irish music in full swing at the Cobblestone Pub.

For €12 I was pretty impressed with what was included. On the other hand, the next day I was not feeling good. Too many beers and whisky for me!


Guinness Storehouse
I LOVE Guinness but I was so disappointed coming here. It was just five levels of commercialisation! There was no chance of stopping and reading the information due to the vast amount of people being pushed through a one way system. Sorry that was all very acrimonious, so I should end on a positive note. Head to the Sky Bar on the top-level to enjoy a free pint of Guinness and the views overlooking Dublin.

Tip: Buy your ticket online for €14 on selected times instead of €20 at the entrance.

E A T …. A N D  D R I N K

Irish Coffee 
I used to have an Irish flatmate, so drinking Irish coffees would be a standard Saturday night for us. The trick is in the whipped cream. It has to magically float without dissolving into the hot coffee/whiskey brew.

It’s the perfect drink with dessert or as a night-cap. Just make sure they have cream, otherwise it definitely doesn’t taste the same.

Irish Stew
I was expecting a rich beef stew, this was not the case. An Irish Stew consists of broth, chunks of lamb, carrots, potato and leeks. If they have an option of soda bread, take that as well to sop up the flavours.

The Brazen Head
If you want to dine somewhere with a bit of history, The Brazen Head is Ireland’s oldest pub dating back to 1198. The atmosphere is lively thanks to the 99.9% of tourists dining there and the menu offers many classics. Oh and the Irish coffee was extremely tasty.