FREE Fitness Classes in London


#39 on my bucket list is to run a 1/2 marathon. To some people this maybe like a walk in the park but to me it sounds like death.

I actually hate running with a passion but my boyfriend has been making me feel like a sack of shit the last couple of days. He has great determination, has done a 1/2 marathon and runs every morning (I think his ulterior motive is to catch Pokemon though.)

After a two second deliberation I thought, I’ll just forget the 1/2 marathon training for now and focus on having a steady exercise pattern. So I trawled through the internet to see if there were any classes in my area and stumbled upon a website called Our Parks.

Do you give you a breakdown of how Our Parks works…

  1. Visit the Our Parks website and register for free.
  2. Select your borough and search for classes.
  3. Click attending on any of the classes, turn up and workout for FREE.

Classes around the Tower Hamlets & Hackney area

Box Fit
Abs, Bums and Thighs
Hula Hoop Fitness
Buggy Exercise

I have attended the Boxfit class out by Olympic Park and it’s awesome. It runs for an hour and the trainer suppliers the boxing gloves and pads.

Yoga seems to be fairly popular so be sure to click attending a few weeks in advance as some of the classes have a maximum number of attendees.

Unfortunately if you live south of the River Thames then there aren’t many classes offered to those boroughs.