A First-Timers Packing Guide to Glastonbury

So you’ve snagged yourself a Glastonbury Festival ticket…you lucky bastard!

In 2016, I lost my Glastonbury virginity and man do I wish I was going this year. I tried every ticket release whether it was at my flat in London, somewhere in Prague with patchy internet or at 5am on a Sunday in New Zealand. I was shit out of luck! So as I sit here dreaming of Glasto, I thought I would share some first-timer tips and packing essentials.


The forecast is not looking to shabby for Glastonbury 2017 but don’t be fooled, that mud will find its way to the festival somehow.

C A M P I N G  E Q U I P M E N T

You’ll be out dancing and exploring until the sun comes up, so I don’t think you need to spend a lot of money here.

3-Man tent with a waterproof fly and pegs (Millets – £40)
Sleeping bag (Millets – £35)
Double air bed with built-in foot pump (Millets – £20)
Camping chairs – This is something we regret not having. After powering through the mud everyday, our legs needed a moment to catch up.


Ticket Don’t be that person that forgets their ticket!
Money Come prepared so you don’t have to queue at the ATM’s. I took around £200 and still left with some cash money. 
Small rucksack and/or bumbag  The festival is HUGE, so having a rucksack will save the hassle of constantly going back and forth to your tent.
Reusable drink bottle This is probably the most important thing to pack. Walking…dancing…sweating…repeat. Your body is a temple and you need to stay hydrated. Water Aid is a sponsor at Glastonbury and they have done a fab job ensuring there are loads of free water stations scattered around the festival.
5 – 10L water carrier To beat the queues fill up this bad boy up in the morning and leave it in your tent. It’s perfect for topping up your drink bottle and washing off any excess mud.
Travel tissues Far more compact than a roll of toilet paper.
Hand sanitizer Long drops and mud…say no more.
Wet wipes 5 days with no shower…you’ll be needing these.
Sunscreen Just incase the sun decides to join the party. You don’t want to be that person who gets sunstroke and misses their favourite act.
Torch When you’re stumbling back to your tent at god knows what hour, a pen-size torch really comes in handy. Those tent ropes are a killer!
Disposable camera To save bringing out your iPhone all the time, Boots sell disposable cameras for only £5 so why not?
Portable phone charger So this is something that I thought I could go without but I was wrong. My boyfriend and I got split up one night and with no meeting point organised, the only way was telecommunications.
A pen For circling all the amazing acts you want to see.
Plastic bags Don’t be a litter bug.
Paracetamol and Borocca You’ll be needing a good stash of these to get you through the mornings.
Ear plugs Doof doof doof doof doof doof doof doof is the sound you’ll be sleeping too if you’re tucked up in bed early.
Dry shampoo Plaited hair and hats are your friends ladies but if you need to kill the greasy hair, bring a travel size dry shampoo.
Glitter and sparkles To really get into the swing of a festival, hair glitter and face sequins are a must.
Deodorant spray To mask the sweat and mud.


At Glastonbury there is no judgement when it comes to fashion. Anything goes, so let this be your chance to get a bit creative but not be an idiot. Once the sun disappears it can get mighty cold out there so bring a jumper and some thermals.

Wellies vs hiking boots The majority of the glasto-goers opt for wellies but instead we rocked the hiking boots and in my opinion we were better off. After 5 days of solid walking and dancing I heard a lot of complaining about the blisters and aching.
Disposable rain poncho  Rain never stops the party. If you don’t want to lug around your waterproof jacket, a rain poncho is a far better idea.
Hat Whether it’s raining or sunshine, you’ll need a hat.
Flip flops You just never know.

The smell of a fresh pair of clothes at the end of Glastonbury is almost orgasmic. Treat yourself by packing a change of clothes in a plastic bag for the journey home.

A L C O H O L 

There are a few things to take into consideration when it comes to alcohol…

  1. There is a NO GLASS policy at Glastonbury, so remember to decant everything into plastic bottles or buy cans. If you’re drinking spirits, bring a reusable cup to save on waste.
  2. Fancy a warm beer? I didn’t think so. Cans of cider, wine bags and spirits are the way to go.


There are many food stalls scattered around Glastonbury, so you will never go hungry. Look out for the £5 meal stickers if you’re on a budget. Then if by any chance you have any room to spare in your rucksack, stuff it with breakfast bars, nuts, crackers and apples.

T H E  B I G  Q U E S T I O N . . . 

How the hell am I going to carry all this?

A big rucksack is the way to go. You can bring a trolley if you want but only if the forecast is for sunshine. Last year in 2016, not even the heavy-duty trolleys survived the mud let alone the poor granny trolleys.

We also took 2x heavy-duty reusable grocery bags for our cider and spirits. Our arms were practically dead by the time we got to our campsite but at least nothing was covered in mud…yet.

I’m so jealous of all the great humans that are going to Glasto 2017. Have fun!

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