One Beer, Two Beer, Three Beer, PRAGUE

There are many factors I take into consideration when I determine a city’s coolness….delicious food, transport system, culture and interaction with locals. But the most important thing is being able to walk around a city aimlessly and stumble across those hidden gems.

We stayed in district 3, also known as Žižkov. You could say that Žižkov is a little rough around the edges but that’s what adds to its character and charm. With nearly a watering hole on every street, you can embrace the city’s culture and feel like a local.

Prague certainly ticked all the boxes for me. So whether you’re a foodie, beer lover, admirer of architecture or just a tourist I highly recommend going.


Basic Language: 

Hello                    DOH-BREE-DEN
Hi                          AHOY
Thank you          DICK-WEE
Please                  PRO-SEEM
Yes                        AH-NO
No                         NEH

I don’t speak Czech           NEM-LOO-VEEM CHESKY
Do you speak English?     MLU-VEETE ANG-LIT-SKY?

Transport: Depending on what district you are staying in will determine whether you will need a transport pass. As we were a bit further out and the weather was getting colder we opted for a 72-hour pass (310CZK). This was also helpful in getting to and from the airport. There is also the option of a 24-hour pass (110 CZK) and 90 min pass (40CZK).



David Černý

Walking around Prague and stumbling upon some of David Černý’s sculptures was a true highlight for me. It has given Prague that quirky factor. It’s hard not to miss the incredibly ugly TV tower that sticks out like a sore thumb. But if you look closely then you will notice the giant babies crawling up the tower. Some of these giant babies are at Kampa Park too if you want to see them up close.

My favourite sculpture would have to be the “Brown-Nosers” in Galeria Futura. It is a bit of a hike to get to the district of Smichov but it is totally worth it. As you climb up the tall ladder into the arse you can see a TV screen on the inside of the Czech president Vaclav Klaus feeding ice-cream to the head of the National Gallery Milan Knizak whilst Queen’s “We are the Champions” is playing.

Other sculptures you may want to visit…

Hanging Cars – If you are visiting the MeetFactory (a sort of artist hangout with music, theatre and art) then you will notice these cars hanging at the entrance.

Franz Kafka Statue – Located in the Quadrio Shopping Centre, you will find a gigantic kinetic head of the famous writer Franz Kafka.

John Lennon

Since the 1980’s the wall opposite the French Embassy has been covered with Lennon inspired graffiti. During the communist era, western pop music was banned so John Lennon became an inspiration to youth singing about peace and freedom. In 2014, the wall was painted white by a group of art students, leaving the words “The Wall is Over”. Now it is an ever-changing mural of freedom of speech.

Jirak Farmers

It might be a small market but they sell good coffee and pastries. Oh and not to mention that it’s all locals and no tourists.

If you head to Prague during wine harvest season in autumn then you are bound to see market stalls selling Burčák in clear fizzy bottles. Burčák doesn’t have an exact English translation but it is known as ‘young wine’ when the grapes are freshly pressed and begin fermenting. Available in both red and white, Burčák has a very cloudy appearance and is very sweet in taste. It almost tastes like cider and this is when I was warned to be careful because the longer you leave it the higher the alcohol content. So after 2 glasses I was feeling tipsy! It is recommended that you drink the Burčák within 24 hours before the carbonation dissipates and becomes bitter. For a 1.5L bottle it cost 130Kč, which is the equivalent to £4.50.


I don’t really know how to categorise Forbidden Spot. It is a combination of gallery, graffiti, skatepark and café all mixed into one. A definite alternative hipster hangout. If you’re into your graffiti it is worth a visit.

Main Attractions (The attractions Tripadvisor tells you to see)

You might notice from my blog that I’m more of an “off the beaten track” kind of person but if you are up for some tourist selfie bombing, here is a list of the most tourist ridden attractions….

  • Old Town Square
  • Astronomical Clock
  • Charles Bridge
  • Prague Castle

Tip: If you’re like me and don’t jump for joy at every cathedral and castle throughout Europe, then don’t feel pressured into buying an entry ticket to the Prague Castle. You are actually able to access the exterior castle grounds and part of the interior for free. The castle grounds overlook the city, giving amazing views of the terracotta rooftops.


E A T  and  D R I N K

Prague has an abundance of great eateries. It is foodie heaven! Check out the  Taste of Prague blog, I couldn’t stop reading it with all the awesome recommendations. To eat like a local, I would suggest heading out further and walk into any restaurant to get the full experience of a plate of pork knuckle and bread dumplings. The portion size is crazy – definitely value for money.

Also attention all beer drinkers! A pint of delicious Czech beer also known as pivo will cost you around 35CZK (which is the equivalent to just over £1)

If you are over the large portions of meat and starch, Prague has many vegetarian restaurants. Plevel’s menu is ever-changing with delicious vegetarian and raw dishes.

The Tavern
To say that The Tavern is cosy is an understatement.  I heard that these guys did pretty good burgers so we headed down around 8pm only to find that there were a dozen tables inside and all full. We made time to come back later though and the burgers were pretty satisfing.

Cafe Savoy
My friend raved about the French brunch at Cafe Savoy. Unfortunately we didn’t make a reservation and didn’t have time to wait an hour for a table. But from what I could see, the food looked pretty good but came with a price tag.

Malkovich Bar
I had walked past this bar a couple of times with my friends, so we thought we would check it out. Decked out with some sweet retro wallpaper, this dimly lit bar is the perfect place to grab a cocktail or a whisky. If you’re a whisky drinker, they have a great selection. The staff were super friendly and they were playing some great old skool tunes.

Do you like the sound of free sangria? Well every Tuesday night, Bukowski’s has a ladies night with free pitchers of sangria till they run dry. They open at 7pm and I recommend getting there then if you want a table.

Letna Park (summer ONLY)
If the sun is shining and you are thinking of having a beer, head to Letna Park near the metronome on top of the hill. The beer garden has an excellent view of the city.